Vehicle Datsun 280Z 2.8 (171 cui)

Model Datsun 280Z 2.8 (171 cui)
Owner twoeightythreez
Year 1978 (39 years old)
Engine (L28/E42), gasoline
In-Line 6-cylinder, 2 800 ccm (171 cui)
Transmission Manual 5-speed
Max speed 250 km/h (155 mph)
Weight 1350 kg empty vehicle
1450 kg fulll loaded vehicle

I don't own this vehicle anymore (remembrance)

During 4 years, 4 months driven 135 000 km (31 526 km / year).

Bought this when in San Diego while in the navy. Bought it from the wrecker and fixed it up.

I installed a turbo L28ET and controlled it with a Megasquirt 2 ECM.

I drive this car all over California, and Arizona, and when I got out of the service, I drove it 4800km across the USA go my home in Pennsylvania.

I sold it due to financial constraints and miss it to this day.

I've also owned 68 PL510, several 720 pickup trucks, a D21 aND D22 pickup.

I would like to own a LHD 230 cedric hardtop someday :)

Bought 2003-06-02 (14 years, 5 months) ~ 165 000 km
Sold 2007-09-12 (10 years, 28 days) ~ 300 000 km
Registered 2016-10-15 (10 months, 6 days)
Vievs 300x
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