Datsun Sports SP311 / SPL311

Models Datsun Sports SP311 / SPL311

Datsun Sports SP311 / SPL311

Year of production 1965 - 1970

Model: Sports (1959 - 1970)


Many changes were made for 1965. Though the 1.5 L SP310 continued in production through January, a new 1.6 L R16-powered SP311 and SPL311 joined it. The new model was first shown at the 1964 Tokyo Motor Show, but did not enter production until March 1965. The restyling was executed in part by Count Albrecht Goertz, who would later be involved with designing the first Fairlady Z. Marketed as the Fairlady 1600, or the Datsun Sports 1600 in many export markets including North America, it featured 14 inch wheels and minor exterior changes. The front suspension was independent. The engine produced 96 PS (71 kW; 95 hp). The hood badge said "DATSUN" in individual letters, the rear badge said "DATSUN 1600", and the side badges said "Fairlady" (Japanese market) or "DATSUN 1600" (export market). The SP311 continued in production through April 1970.

The first Nissan Silvia coupe shared the SP311's platform. The CSP311 Silvia had an R16 engine developing 96 hp and used a modified Fairlady chassis. The Silvia was the first car fitted with Nissan's new R engine. The R engine was a further development of the 1,488 cc G engine.

Early in 1968 the 1600, just as the bigger 2000, was updated to meet new safety legislation. Toggle switches, a padded dashboard and padded center of the steering wheel were new inside. The door handles were flush fit lifting units, while the windshield was taller with a top mounted internal rear view mirror.

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Datsun Sports SP311 / SPL311
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