Datsun Laurel III C230, generation #3

Models Datsun Laurel 3 III C230

Datsun Laurel III C230 3

Year of production 1977 - 1980

Model: Laurel (1968 - 1984)

Wikipedia (Laurel):

The third generation appeared in January 1977. For the first time, the C230 was available in either saloon and hardtop coupé form, but also as a hardtop saloon without B-posts. The hardtop was only available with six-cylinder engines. Buyers could choose between a 1.8 litre four, a 2.0 litre inline-six (carburetted or fuel-injected, a first for the Laurel), a 2.8 litre six, or a 2.0 litre diesel four, sourced from Nissan Diesel. Transmissions were mainly four- or five-speed manuals or a three-speed automatic, although a three-speed manual with a column shift was also available in the lower spec and commercial versions. In the autumn of 1978 the C230 received a mild facelift (type C231), marked visually by squared instead of round double headlights. The Toyota competitor was the Mark II coupé and sedan.

One year later (January 1978) Nissan released a tenth anniversary edition, which adopted a special deep red body color known as "Laurel's Crimson", as well as trim-specific emblems, aluminum wheels and front grille. In 1979 the 2.4 litre L24 engine was added to the lineup.

November 1978 brought minor changes to the Laurel, including squaring off of the front headlights. The highest trim level, "Medalist", received air conditioning in addition to its OHC four-cylinder two-litre diesel engine. The 1,800 cc cars switched to the newer Z18 crossflow engine and all Laurels now met the Showa 53 (1979) gasoline vehicle emission regulations.

Later, in October 1979, a two-litre four-cylinder gasoline option (Z20-series) was added. Also new were the options of automatic transmission and the SGL equipment grade on diesel vehicles.

In February 1980 an electric sunroof and the a hardtop version of the Medalist was added. This was the first year in which a sunroof was a model option.

In July 1980 Limited a special edition "gold medalist" top-of-the-line trim was released.

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1979 Datsun Laurel III C230
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1980 Datsun Laurel III C230
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1980 Datsun Laurel III C230
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1980 Datsun Laurel III C230
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