Datsun Laurel I C30, generation #1

Datsun Laurel I C30 1

Year of production 1968 - 1972

Model: Laurel (1968 - 1984)

Wikipedia (Laurel):

In April 1968 Nissan presented its new Laurel in four-door deLuxe and Super deLuxe versions, both equipped with a 1.8 L inline-four engine and independent rear suspension. In June 1970 a two-door hardtop coupé joined the lineup, and one year later a 2000 cc engine became available in the four-door sedan as well. Its competitors at introduction were the Toyota Corona Mark II sedan, and the Mazda Luce which was introduced in 1966.

This car was developed by the Nissan Tsurumi vehicle development team, but the C30 Laurel was fitted with the Prince four-cylinder SOHC engine, the G18. (On the other hand, the GC10 Skyline 2000GT was developed by the former Prince Ogikubo vehicle development team, but was fitted with Nissan L20 six-cylinder SOHC engine.) This was of 1,815 cc capacity. The suspension is the same four-wheel independent system that was fitted on the C10 Skyline.

The Laurel Hardtop model was equipped with the SOHC 1,990 cc 110 or 120 PS (81 or 88 kW) G20-series four-cylinders. The four-door sedan was originally only available with the lesser G18. The SU twin-carburetted 2000GX received sporty equipment.

August 1970 saw the release of a modified version of the four-door sedan version, now with the same roof angle as that of the hard top. The instrument panel received redesigned panel meters, and the more luxurious GL grade was added.

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Datsun Laurel I C30
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Datsun Laurel I C30
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