Datsun Cherry F10, generation #2

Datsun Cherry F10 2

Year of production 1974 - 1978

Model: Cherry (1970 - 1978)

Wikipedia (Cherry):

The second-generation Cherry was known as F-II in Japan and "Datsun F10" in North America. It was Nissan's first front-wheel-drive model to be sold in North America. Four-wheel independent suspension continued to be used.

The F10 was fitted with three types of inline four-cylinder Nissan A-series OHV engines:

  • 988 cc A10
  • 1171 cc A12
  • 1397 cc A14

A two-pedal type semi-automatic transmission was offered called the "Sportmatic", which used a torque converter obviating the need for a clutch.

In Europe, F10 was known as Datsun 100A F-II (with A10 engine) or 120A F-II (with A12 engine). The A12 powered 120A F-II was the most common model.

In New Zealand the 100A 4-door sedan (1.0L A10 motor) was assembled from CKD kits as a price leader for the Datsun range - due to the choice of engine, it was the smallest engined car assembled in New Zealand, the engine (988 cc) being smaller than the Mini's 998 cc unit. Production continued well after the N10 model replaced it overseas, eventually being discontinued in late 1980, with the N10 5-door hatchback replacing it in 1981.

In North America, only the coupe and wagon were offered.

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