Datsun Bluebird 910

Datsun Bluebird 910

Year of production 1979 - 1993

Model: Bluebird (1957 - 1993)

Wikipedia (Bluebird):

The Bluebird 910, which was the last rear wheel drive Bluebird, featured simple clean-cut lines, unlike the "Coke Bottle" styling of its predecessor. It did however retain the same engine range, the same McPherson strut suspension and the same 99-inch (2,500 mm) wheelbase as the 810. Starting with this generation, in Japan the Bluebird returned to offering only four-cylinder vehicles, and the six-cylinder Bluebird was replaced by the Nissan Skyline based Nissan Leopard. Bluebirds of this generation were renowned for reliability but rusted away in salted areas long before the engine gave trouble. Nissan realigned with the Japanese Stanza/Auster/Violet sedans which were assigned to individual Japanese Nissan dealerships.

This car was also assembled in Australia, in South Africa, in Taiwan, and in New Zealand. This generation was also the basis of the North American Datsun/Nissan 810 Maxima starting in 1980.

In Europe, the Bluebird was joined in 1981 by the similar-sized Stanza, which gave Nissan buyers the alternative option of front-wheel drive and a hatchback bodystyle for the first time, as front-wheel drive hatchbacks were by now overtaking rear-wheel drive saloons in popularity.

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