Datsun Bluebird 710

Datsun Bluebird 710

Year of production 1973 - ...

Model: Bluebird (1957 - 1993)

Wikipedia (Bluebird):

Shortly after the introduction of the 610, Nissan launched a new line of slightly smaller cars January 1973 utilizing parts and styling cues from the 610. This new line of cars was sold in various markets as the Datsun 140J/160J, Datsun Violet, or Datsun 710. In Japan, it was exclusive to Nissan Cherry Store Japanese dealerships as a larger companion to the smaller Nissan Cherry, thereby giving Nissan the opportunity to sell a Bluebird-sized vehicle at a different sales channel. The use of the 710 name was a source of confusion because it implied that the model was either a larger, upscale version of the 610 (it was the opposite) or a newer model in the Bluebird line.This car was also built in South Africa during 1973 to 1978 at the Rosslyn Datsun plant in the form of a 160U deluxe and SSS and 180U deluxe and SSS. As the Bluebirds traditional cross-town rival, the Toyota Corona split into a new model called the Toyota Carina, the Violet appeared just under 3 years after the Carina did.

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