Datsun Bluebird 110

Datsun Bluebird 110

Model: Bluebird (1957 - 1993)

Wikipedia (Bluebird):

The first post-war four door sedan built by Nissan was called the Datsun 110 series. This model also bore the Convar model name in marketing. It was introduced to Japan within a month of the introduction of the Toyota Crown RS series, and was smaller than the Prince Sedan introduced earlier in 1952 and the Subaru 1500 introduced in 1955. Sedans built in Japan during the 1950s were introduced to serve as taxis, and introduced mass production vehicles, as opposed to earlier vehicles made using a slower hand-made process.

The Datsun 110 series used the Nissan D10 type engine based on an original (albeit Austin inspired) design from before World War II. The engine is a water-cooled inline-four cylinder with 2 crankshaft bearings, side intake and exhaust valves, with a displacement of 860 cc, and 25 PS (18 kW) four-cylinder engine. Aside from not using the name, the A110 is the direct forerunner of the modern Bluebird line. Incremental changes were denoted by 112 and 113 codes - the 111 designation was skipped. The last model, introduced in June 1956, received an all-new, developed in-house gearbox. The earlier 110 and 112 had been using the four-speed, floor-mounted transmission from the Austin A40 Somerset (then built under license by Nissan), but the new 113 received a column-shifted four-speed unit which narrowly allowed seating for three in front. The new unit was also 10 kilograms (22 lb) lighter than the Austin one. Both units received synchronization on the top three gears only, as was the norm for the time.

The 110 series was available as a sedan or as the rare W110/112/113 station wagon, which had a horizontally split tail gate. Based on the 110 was the stronger duty 120 series (intended for commercial usage), also available as a two-door delivery van, as a double cab truck, or as a two-seater pickup truck - part of the Datsun truck lineage. The 110 series' body was manufactured by Nissan Motor Kantō, using steel from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

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